1. pick your meals

Choose a minimum of 5 meals from any of our four meal plans: low carb, performance, vegan or everyday. Each meal type is designed differently with varying portions of protein, carbs, veggies and fats.

2. deliverY vs pick-up

Choose between one of our free pick up locations (see below) or pay a small fee for a home or office delivery.

Orders must be placed before Friday, 9 AM, in order to receive your delivery on Monday. Or Sunday, 10 PM, for a Wednesday delivery. 


3. Eat. Repeat. Feel vibrant.

Your meals will be delivered at the location and time selected at checkout. 

Our meals are homemade with natural, fresh, ingredients and are always gluten-free and dairy free. Each meal is carefully crafted with nutrition and purpose in mind. Our obsession over quality ingredients is essential to helping you feel more 'Vibrant'. 

Chattanooga Pick-up Locations

Chattanooga Functional Fitness (CFF): pick up times are M/W 11:15-1:30pm or 3-6 pm - located @ 125 Cherokee Blvd


Kyle House Fitness (KHF): drop off times are M/W 9:30am & 2:30 pm - located @ 525 W Main St, Chattanooga


Vibrant Meals Kitchen (VM Kitchen): pick up times are M/W 8-9:30 am @ 601 Cherokee Blvd


Cleveland Pick-up Locations


Body By Hannah (BHB): drop off times are M/W between 4-5 pm - located @ 282 Church St SE, Cleveland


CrossFit Anistemi: drop off times are M/W between 4-5 pm - located @ 5806 Waterlevel Hwy, Cleveland