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A company is only as good as its employees, and when it comes to our company, the kitchen staff effortlessly lives up to that standard. With the Vibrant Meals kitchen team, we are proud of those who tirelessly contribute their time and hard work to making the food that we, and our loyal customers, love and crave. 

With employees who have been a huge part of the Vibrant team for years, we have found ourselves a team of passionate, talented, and dependable people. It is only fitting that we shine a light on the ones that keep us thriving! 

Krista Gerow

Krista has been a part of the Vibrant team for almost two and a half years. With an extensive history in baking and cooking, she is an irreplaceable part in the baking side of Vibrant Meals, but also contributes her time in so many areas of our kitchen.


When did you start & what is your experience with cooking/baking?

"In 2001, I got a Certificate in French Cuisine while living in Nottingham, England. After the course, one of the other students and I cooked on-site for hunting parties in the English countryside. When I returned back to the USA after 9/11 happened, I began focusing on baking and began to make wedding cakes here in Chattanooga, while also working as a sous chef for several years at a venue on Lookout Mountain. I continue making wedding cakes on a smaller scale now while working at Vibrant Meals."

How do you describe a typical day in the Vibrant Meals kitchen?  

"The thing I love most about cooking (and maybe life) is the energy and atmosphere of commercial, professional kitchens. I get energy from the sounds, the smells, the choreography of many people working to provide good food for others--and the Vibrant Meals kitchen does not disappoint! A typical day brings good energy, lots of laughs, great products, and the camaraderie of people who are passionate to cook & bake good food."

You can find Krista's work and more information on her wedding cakes here.

Uriah Young

With a recent celebration in his one year with Vibrant Meals, Uriah has shown talent in numerous departments of the company. From dedicating his time in portion control, creating and distributing our flavorful sauces, and showcasing his exceptional talent in photography, Uriah is someone we are incredibly thankful to have as a part of our team. 


What brought you to Chattanooga and Vibrant Meals?

"I’ve lived in Chattanooga for the past three years. I’m also a photographer so there’s a really great photography community here. I applied to Vibrant Meals because I wanted to work in an environment that was always trying to grow and do something new. I found that at Vibrant Meals they are always challenging the status quo on how you think about food."

What is your experience with cooking?

"I first started in the restaurant industry at The Bluff View Art district which lit my passion for cooking. I started cooking for my wife as soon as I would get home even after cooking all day. I would watch cooking shows trying to soak up as much knowledge as I could."

Do you have any side jobs or projects?

"I am a food photographer on the side. I love working on food presentations in a visually appealing way."

What does Vibrant Meals mean to you?

"Vibrant Meals has helped me grow not only professionally, but personally as well. Vibrant Meals allows me to be creative with making sauces, and with them being a start-up they are very open to new ideas and allow me to be apart of that process of making it better and better. Since working at vibrant Meals my kitchen skills have grown and so has my self-confidence." 

You can find Uriah's photography work and more information here

 Terrence Hightower 

Coming up on an anniversary of three years with Vibrant Meals, Terrance plays a crucial role in helping the organization and flow of our kitchen run smoothly. 

What brought you to Chattanooga and Vibrant Meals? 

"Born in Chattanooga, fate and destiny."

How would you describe a typical day to day in the kitchen of Vibrant Meals? 

"Everyone just vibin'."

What does Vibrant Meals mean to you?

"Good food and family." 

Hector Ramirez

With extensive experience in the kitchens of Chattanooga, Hector has been a specifically crucial part of the Vibrant Meals kitchen for over two years. From assistant our head chef in anything he needs to confidently taking control of the cooking when necessary, Hector applies his skills in the kitchen whenever needed.

We are so thankful for each and every person on our kitchen staff and look forward to eating more of the delicious food they create in our kitchen!


Written by Abigail Frazier

Photography by Uriah Young

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  • Thank you for all the delicious meals you have cooked for us! You all totally rock!


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