Partner Feature: Kyle House Fitness

As Chattanooga's original HIIT studio, revolutionizing the approach to fitness, Kyle House Fitness and the Kyles that created it, are a crucial component to the partnerships and community of Vibrant Meals. 

The close relationship between Marco and Romana Biscarini, co-founders of Vibrant Meals, and Kyle House and Kyle Miller, co-founders of Kyle House Fitness, started years ago when both entrepreneurs embarked on the journey of breaking ground as young business owners. 

The partnership between the two flourishing Chattanooga businesses has continuously strengthened over the years. With this close connection, it is only fitting that Vibrant Meals takes a moment to interview the people behind this successful, passionate, and energetic business in the new series of partner features on the Vibrant blog.

How did the vision and reality of Kyle House Fitness come to be? 

"Kyle House Fitness started as a result of the passion and experience for fitness from co-founders Kyle House and Kyle Miller. Both founders grew up in athletics and started their fitness careers training young athletes in cheerleading, gymnastics, and swimming. As they progressed in their careers, Kyle House began training athletes and clients alike and Kyle Miller began his career in communications and marketing. 

After graduating college, the founders moved back to their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kyle House started as a single, 600 sqft space located in the Chattanooga Workspace as a test space. After a few months, it became clear demand was high. They added two trainers to their team and began scoping out a larger location plan for expansion. 

Based on their experience, the founders began working on building the concept and searching for the perfect location. After looking at and considering 14 total locations, Kyle House Fitness found the perfect location on the Southside of Chattanooga on West Main Street directly across from Finley Stadium. 

Today, what started as a small personal training studio, now offers personal training, HIIT classes they call HIIPfit (High Intensity Interval Programing), yoga classes, nutritional guidance, and Fit3D 3D body scanning. 

What started as a small personal training business has quickly become a leader in boutique fitness in the Chattanooga area. The founders expanded their offerings to include, not only personal training, but added in classes to offer a more holistic approach to fitness options for clients. 

The founders saw a gap in the market. There were big box gyms, individual personal training studios, and studios that exclusively offered group fitness classes. But the founders wanted to find a way to combine the big box gym offerings while also creating the type of atmosphere that traditional group fitness studios offer. In addition to this, after a year's worth of research, it became clear that the fitness industry was also lacking an offering that combined cardio, strength training, and yoga, what they refer to as the three key fitness types required to live a fit and healthy life. 

Kyle House Fitness’ unique offering and business model not only addressed gaps in the fitness industries approach to studio development, the business also became one of the first studios to offer classes and training that included cardio, strength training, and yoga."

What is the mission and purpose behind KHF and where does it come from? 

"Kyle House Fitness’ main mission is to deliver the BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE in Chattanooga. This mission is backed by our four core values: 

  1. Balanced Mindset: We find balance in everything we do. In our fitness programming, in how we coach, and in how we live our lives.

  2. Irresistible Passion: We elevate the mood for our customers and our teammates by approaching our work with enthusiasm and optimism. We choose to make it fun.

  3. Empowering Spirit: We do everything within our power to ensure everyone leaves feeling strong, confident, and successful.

  4. Hospitable Heart: Our #1 priority is to deliver truly exceptional customer experiences. We avidly listen to our customers and work to create a space that is clean, organized, and welcoming to all.

How did you two meet and find the common passion for fitness, business, and health? 

In classic fitness stereotypes, we met at the gym working out. We later started dating and as our relationship progressed so did our ideas on what we wanted to do with our shared passion fitness."

What is the biggest challenge and lesson you have learned through KHF?

"I think the biggest challenges we faced were determining a location. 

It was easy for us to figure out equipment, fitness offerings, pricing... But, understanding commercial real estate was a new adventure for us. We worked with a real estate lawyer to help us navigate the complex waters of commercial real estate and that was a huge help. We also have an amazing relationship with our landlord. Both things were vital for us while finding the perfect home for our concept. 

The most recent challenge, like any businesses, has been COVID impacts. Impacts like this are something you can’t always plan for, but, in the grand scheme of things, businesses today need to be thinking and preparing for major crises. This preparation should consider systematic and financial planning based on the potential impacts it may have on your business and how you will make it work if the time of need arises."

Any advice for someone interested in starting a business, solo or with their partner? 

"Running a business is no easy task, there is a ton of behind the scenes work that many people don’t realize. If you're starting a business, be ready to wear a ton of hats. You’ll have to run daily operations, marketing, customer service, finances, analytics and human resources while also teaching classes and conducting training sessions. 

If you are working with a partner, of any type, be sure you have some clear responsibilities that are shared and individual. Also, being flexible and willing to do what needs to be done, even if it’s outside the agreed responsibilities. 

And if you're in a personal relationship with your business partner, get ready, it can be a little tough, but there are easy fixes to make things easier. 

  1. Find designated times to meet about things. This will help create a space that is strictly business time and will help to keep the conversation focused on business at hand. 2. Create a good work flow that allows each partner to be a success within their own schedule. You’re all busy so finding a way to manage things like: tasks, due dates, task status that keep the daily working from halting is super important.

  2. Identify and separate business conversations with personal ones. We try to avoid talking about business decisions during times we are just socializing or hanging out with each other. A glass of wine and a touch business subject can really go in the wrong direction, especially if you’re tired and overworked, will be."

What are you looking forward to with the community and business of KHF in 2021? 

"The impacts of COVID may have slowed down progress, but it is also an exciting challenge to face as a business owner. Our main goal this year is to continue the path that we are on by growing our business, building the best customer experience, and creating a space that is truly one of a kind."

From the original vision, struggles of starting a business unlike any other, and maintaining a beautiful partnership within, Kyle House and Kyle Miller have created a community and a gym that Vibrant Meals is honored to partner with and feature. If you have yet to try out their unique and transformational classes, we highly encourage you to give it a go! 


Photography by Casey Yoshida, Southside Creative

Written by Kyle House, Kyle Miller, and Abigail Frazier 


  • Wonderful article! Very informative!! Love this Fitness club and team!!

    Jeannette Margarete Copley
  • I love Kyle house Fitness and Vibrant Meals. I have watched both businesses grow since they began and they do go hand in hand. Love this article. Kyle HouseFitness and Vibrant meals keep on shining like the stars you are🤗💪🤩

    Marie Gross

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