Vibrant Meals, Journey Through Wellness

Introducing: The Vibrant Meals Wellness Blog

Since our creation back in 2016, we have had the blessing of cultivating an engaging and energetic community within Vibrant Meals. From partnering with communities like the Chattanooga Football Club, Kyle House Fitness, Calvary Chapel and so many more, it is only fitting that we bridge the gap between the numerous companies and individuals by creating a space for each of them to be honored as well as educated. With that being said, we are proud to introduce our newest component: The Vibrant Meals Wellness Blog. 

At Vibrant meals, we fully dedicate ourselves into helping our community feel their best by serving them all-natural, nutrient dense, and delicious meals. With this role in feeding the community and providing for them in ways that they cannot, it is only fitting that we put that same energy into educating the community. Just as we pay attention to every ingredient that goes into each meal, we ensure diligence as we share our knowledge on the healing, beneficial, and nutritious properties of food for the physical and mental body. 

After the hardships of 2020, it seems not only fitting, but necessary for us to lend a hand in helping our community, as well as the cities we partner with, to learn more about and strive for health now and in the years to come. With articles surrounding the healing properties of antioxidants and adaptogens all the way to the curable foods surrounding mental health and hormone imbalances, this wellness blog will touch on all aspects of health and food.  

Along with food and health education, we want to spotlight the Vibrant Fam that has helped keep this community and business thrive. We have had the opportunity to grow and nourish so many companies and individuals in Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Knoxville, TN. In just a few short five years, this business has grown more than we could have ever imagined and it is necessary that we spotlight the people and businesses that have helped us get to where we are now. From partnering with UTC athletic teams, numerous gyms in the city, and so many other local businesses and organizations, we are proud of each partnership and wish to showcase the work they are doing, on themselves and the community. 

With articles written by Marco himself, Co-founder and CEO, as well as other knowledgeable staff members of our company, this blog will dedicate itself to producing knowledgeable, accurate, and beneficial content worthy of the community that makes up Vibrant Meals. 
We hope you follow along and learn more about how to care for your body, as well as the community, as we enter the new year navigating our healthiest selves through food, wellness, and healing. 

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